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Way Cool, Safe, Useful Features for 2013 Cars

The features that are setting new cars apart from their ancestors of just a model year or two ago are an amazing mixture of connectivity, convenience, and safety. These new features communicate with one another, with drivers and passengers, with satellites and, unknown to us, with the MotherShip as they plot the overthrow of the human race.

The top eight new features for model year 2013 cars are:

  1. The backup collision intervention system that not only has a backwards facing camera and audio, verbal and visual warnings, but also applies the brakes when need be.
  2. Front center airbags that while not flashy keep your noggin crack free.
  3. Hands-free power liftgates and trunks that open via a kicking motion under the vehicle’s rear bumper.
  4. Inductive charging to charge tablets, phones and other devices without plugging them in.
  5. Pushbutton gear selector that puts a car into park, drive, reverse and so forth via button pushes. The button system frees up center-console space.
  6. The tactile-warning safety seat vibrates certain areas of seats to warn of car drift, a car advancing too quickly from the rear or a threat to the vehicle’s front.
  7. Text messaging assistants work in conjunction with smartphones so that drivers can read and send texts using voice commands.
  8. Zero gravity seats use new, articulated seat designs that support the whole body to help alleviate loads on the spine and muscles.

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