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Cool Couple Cruises Coast to Coast in Morgan 3 Wheeler

A British couple has driven a Morgan 3 Wheeler 3,500 miles across America. The feat, accomplished as part of the grooviest of races, the Gumball 3000 rally, was done to promote the revived, redone and re-superfied open-air motorized tricycle.

Though beating the modern heart of a present-day 80-horsepower V-Twin engine, the newest Morgan 3 Wheeler is based on a 1911 design and produced by Morgan Motor Co. This British vehicle maker still makes vehicles the old-fashioned way, by hand and out of metal and wood. The two drivers were Charles Morgan and his wife Kiera; Charles, Morgan Motor co.’s company chief, happens to be the company’s founder’s grandson.   

Morgan says that to demonstrate that the $40,000 tricycle is a fine vehicle, he and Kiera drove it just as any other customer would, carefully.  Of course, at that price and relative lack of practicality, the Morgan doesn’t make our list of the best used cars for second chance financing.

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