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Ford Releases Luxury 2013 F-150 Limited Pickup

Ford has released its top-range luxury pickup of all time, the 2013 F-150 Limited.

This newest entry into the luxury truck market will be available in three exterior colors, Tuxedo Black, White Platinum and Ruby Red and feature a monochromatic paint scheme on its front grille, bumpers and mirrors. Especially noteworthy are the Limited’s headlamps; they are HID, a first for the F-150. Inside, the truck will be a top-end ride as well with leather seats and aluminum and piano black trim instead of the faux wood that is found in other top F-150s.

Though the 2013 F-150 Limited Pickup is a luxury model, it will only come with only a single engine choice, a 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6. This is the exact same powertrain that Ford’s other F-150 are stuck with.    

Word from the one percent is that this luxury pickup will be around $50,000.  Of course, that puts it out of reach of most people needing a second chance at auto credit, but hey, we can all dream, right?

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