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Ford’s June Sales Jump 7%

June was all rainbows and cotton candy as far as Ford was concerned. With its total sales being 7% higher than what they were at this point last year, the American automaker’s sale figures for the month are the sweet stuff that unicorns feed upon. In total, Ford moved a big, fat 1.14 million units in June.

Though all of the steeds within its sizable stable placed or showed, it was the 2013 Ford Escape that took home win after win this past month. On average, this vehicle sat unsold on dealerships fewer than five days each. “Few things feel better than being wanted,” one Ford Escape was quoted as having rumbled as she was driven to her new owner’s home.

The success of this most recent Escape has puzzled and surprised some industry observers. Many said Ford was wrong to mess with its winning 2012 Escape. They claimed the 2013 version looked like an egg on wheels. However, it turns out that eggs are hot once again.  The reasonable price and fuel economy of the Escape makes it good choice for those in need of second chance financing, particularly if you look for one that is 1-2 years old.

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