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How Does the MyFord Touch Control System Fail? Let Us Count the Ways.

Consumer Reports is a publication that knows what it likes. Moreover, CR knows what it does not like, and one of those things is the MyFord Touch control system.

Fortunately for those of us who have do not have access to a MyFord Touch control system, the good folks at Consumer Reports have explained what is wrong with Ford’s cutting edge, yet faulty feature. The main problem is that the control system takes all of the climate, radio and other entertainment controls into either flush, touch-sensitive buttons on the dashboard or into a large, nearly-all inclusive center stack that has touch-capacity bars and a pair of knobs.

CR says that this configuration of controls just does not work. The flush, touch-sensitive buttons and bars are just too difficult to identify and use for a driver to use while, hopefully, controlling a car. The controls cannot be felt for, they’ve got to visually searched for.

The next weakness is with the center stack touch screen. Depending upon the car it is mounted in, it can be too far away from a driver to be able to be safely used. Again, the center stack suffers from being equipped with controls that cannot be found with searching finger tips.

The last problem is that the MyFord Touch control system just tries to do too much. Case in point, CR rhetorically asks, “Do you need to see your fuel economy displayed with multiple bar graphs, selectable for every five, 10, or 30 minutes?”

Fortunately for Ford, these issues haven’t seemed to impact sales, as evidenced by their 7% sales jump in June.

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