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Will Breathalyzers Become a Safety Option?

There is a proposed federal funding bill being considered that would funnel $60 million into a research project that is looking into making breathalyzers a safety option by 2020. If it is an option by then, when will it become a mandatory component for new cars?

Laura Dean-Mooney, national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) says:

 We’ve worked on behavior modification for the last 30 years, but we’re still killing almost 11,000 Americans a year.

The bill is aimed at lowering that number for the future.

These would not be the traditional testers that you have to blow into. Two technologies are being looked into. One would use sensors to detect alcohol when drivers touch a button. The other would test interior air and gauge the driver’s alcohol use. That one could be scary. Don’t want your car to freeze up because your buddy is intoxicated – what about designated drivers?

Which ever device comes into use, you have to wonder how long it will be before it becomes standard, especially if it is proven to save lives.

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