Giving You a 2nd Chance on Car Loans!

10 Best Used Cars For Your 2nd Chance Auto Loan

Rising gas prices and a decrease in new car supply due to the Japanese earthquake disaster have turned buyers attention to fuel efficient used cars. Used cars offer a number of benefits: lower depreciation, proven reliability, lower prices. Here are the ten best used cars to buy this year according to Consumer Reports.

Your best bets are:

  • 2008 Suzuki SX4 sedan  at $8,450
  • 2006 Toyota Corolla CE  at $8,525
  • 2007 Suzuki SX4 hatchback at $8,550
  • 2006 Honda Civic DX at $8,925
  • 2007 Toyota Corolla CE at $9,550
  • 2006 Scion xB Release Series 3.0 at $9,775
  • 2007 Honda Fit hatchback at $9,925
  • 2006 Mazda3 S hatchback at $10,900
  • 2006 Toyota Prius  at $12,075
  • 2008 Honda Fit Sport hatchback at $12,275

All of these cars have proven track records, scored well on Consumer Report’s tests, and have taken their largest depreciation hits. You should be able to buy one of these cars with your second chance auto loan and have it pay you back in fuel savings and low maintenance costs.

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