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Up 13%, Chrysler’s July Best Since 2007

Chrysler kept rolling along selling units at a brisk pace last month by increasing its July sales by 13% over the same month in 2011. This July is the American automaker’s strongest since 2007. The car maker’s strong showing last month was not due to any one trick pony. Three vehicles were the main driver…Continue Reading

2013 Nissan Pathfinder Visits Facebook

Nissan has unveiled its 2013 Pathfinder on the automaker’s Facebook page. The showing displayed an SUV with unibody construction, the same construction technique Nissan used on the Pathfinder from 1996 to 2004. The return to the unibody marks the Pathfinder’s departure from the truck-like build it has sported for the last eight years. The 2013…Continue Reading

Ford’s June Sales Jump 7%

June was all rainbows and cotton candy as far as Ford was concerned. With its total sales being 7% higher than what they were at this point last year, the American automaker’s sale figures for the month are the sweet stuff that unicorns feed upon. In total, Ford moved a big, fat 1.14 million units…Continue Reading

Ford Releases Luxury 2013 F-150 Limited Pickup

Ford has released its top-range luxury pickup of all time, the 2013 F-150 Limited. This newest entry into the luxury truck market will be available in three exterior colors, Tuxedo Black, White Platinum and Ruby Red and feature a monochromatic paint scheme on its front grille, bumpers and mirrors. Especially noteworthy are the Limited’s headlamps;…Continue Reading

2015 Toyota Prius to be Lighter, Smugger

The next Toyota Prius will be lighter and more self-satisfied than any previous model. Due to roll out for the 2015 model year, the next Prius will also, according to loose-lipped insiders, sport a much more streamlined design that will allow it to zip along the roads more efficiently than any other Prius ever has,…Continue Reading

Cool Couple Cruises Coast to Coast in Morgan 3 Wheeler

A British couple has driven a Morgan 3 Wheeler 3,500 miles across America. The feat, accomplished as part of the grooviest of races, the Gumball 3000 rally, was done to promote the revived, redone and re-superfied open-air motorized tricycle. Though beating the modern heart of a present-day 80-horsepower V-Twin engine, the newest Morgan 3 Wheeler…Continue Reading

Way Cool, Safe, Useful Features for 2013 Cars

The features that are setting new cars apart from their ancestors of just a model year or two ago are an amazing mixture of connectivity, convenience, and safety. These new features communicate with one another, with drivers and passengers, with satellites and, unknown to us, with the MotherShip as they plot the overthrow of the…Continue Reading

Affordable And Reliable Cars Fueling Hyundai’s Expansion Plans

Hyundai broke onto the American car market as a dark horse at best. Initially considered a flash-in-the-pan that would disappear more quickly than Renault, Hyundai is now looking to pour more than $150 million into expansion projects to handle production demands. The driving forces behind the Hyundai expansion push are cars that are both affordable…Continue Reading