Giving You a 2nd Chance on Car Loans!

Chrysler, Ally Financial to Go Their Separate Ways

Chrysler has announced that its preferred partnership with Ally Financial will be allowed to expire on April 30, 2013. The melting away of this special partnership offering incentivized auto loans could be a sign that Chrysler is looking to create its own in-house lending unit. Ally Financial has been the main provider of financing for…Continue Reading

Getting Your Car Ready for Sale

In the used car market of today, the seller is the king. Due to the recession, cash for clunkers, and the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami removing a good number of previously-owned cars from the market, demand continues to outpace supply. However, that does not mean that a seller can afford to simply put a…Continue Reading

Auto Loans a Bright Spot in Loan Industry

While default rates for first mortgages and credit cars increased in the month of November, the default rates for auto loans, including 2nd chance car loans, actually decreased.  Auto default rates are the rate at which consumers bail out on their auto loans and choose to let the vehicle be repossessed.  Actual numbers boiled down…Continue Reading

Competition Intensifies In Subprime Auto Lending Arena

Buyers who need a second chance auto loan are in for a treat. More lenders are entering the subprime market. The more intense competition is edging interest rates lower for all credit scores, while loosening lending standards. Experian Automotive’s director of automotive credit, Melinda Zabritski, had this to say, ”If you talk to some of…Continue Reading

Cash Income vs Auto Loans

There are those people who receive cash for the work that they do. That is great when you think about how much Uncle Sam does not get, but, in the event that they need a bad credit auto loan, it is the poorest decision that can be made. Lenders who specialize in bad credit auto…Continue Reading