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Will Consumer Confidence Fuel New Car Sales?

Over the last three years consumers have become less and less confident in the longevity and value of new cars. The reasons are somewhat obvious. A large number of recalls, bankruptcy proceedings, and government bailouts have all rattled buyers who are expected to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a vehicle. Recent months have…Continue Reading

CARFAX Reaches 8 Billion Vehicles

If you are in need of a second chance car loan, then you will be probably be buying a used car.  And if you are buying pre-owned, then vehicle history report should be at the top of your list.  As you probably know, CARFAX is the industry leader when it comes to these reports.  And…Continue Reading

How Bad is Bad Credit?

A lot of people have been turned down for an auto loan due to bad credit…but what does that mean exactly? At what point does your credit qualify as “bad”? And is this line between “bad” and “fair” credit a black-and-white one? These are all good questions. Basically, the line below which credit is classified…Continue Reading

The Meaning of Last Chance Financing

When you have been turned down by traditional banks, credit unions, or dealerships for getting an auto loan, you need to resort to alternative means of financing. More Americans than ever have fallen upon hard times credit-wise. Financial experts now say that nearly 1 in 4 American consumers has a credit score below 600, while…Continue Reading