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2nd Chance Credit on The Rise!

Sub-prime borrowers are the first to suffer during a credit crunch. It can be difficult to obtain a loan in the best of climates with a FICO under 600, but those under 700 can face restricted lending from time to time. Fortunately, lenders are starting to loosen their death grip on second chance auto loans.…Continue Reading

Auto Loans After Divorce

So, you thought that you were done being hosed over by your ex when the judge ordered them to pay the bad credit auto loan that you co-signed with them. Unfortunately, you are not clear yet. Lenders consider a divorce decree to be an ”outside agreement”. That means that, despite the decree, your credit score…Continue Reading

Looser Credit Drives Increase In Auto Sales

At the height, or depth depending on your perspective, of the financial crisis, it became pretty difficult for the average consumer to get a car loan. ‘The credit markets froze up like the aluminum engine block of a ’74 Vega,’ according to James Appleton, president of the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers. Luckily, there…Continue Reading

How Bad is Bad Credit?

A lot of people have been turned down for an auto loan due to bad credit…but what does that mean exactly? At what point does your credit qualify as “bad”? And is this line between “bad” and “fair” credit a black-and-white one? These are all good questions. Basically, the line below which credit is classified…Continue Reading