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2015 Toyota Prius to be Lighter, Smugger

The next Toyota Prius will be lighter and more self-satisfied than any previous model. Due to roll out for the 2015 model year, the next Prius will also, according to loose-lipped insiders, sport a much more streamlined design that will allow it to zip along the roads more efficiently than any other Prius ever has, leading to lower fuel costs and cost of ownership.

The body of the yet to be built Prius will most likely be made out of aluminum and steel. At one time, there were rumors that it would have a body made entirely out of aluminum. However, the cost and difficulty of constructing such a body have since silenced those rosy whispers.

Not many other details have snuck out as of yet, though there is some agreement among bowed heads that other than its lightness and aerodynamics, there won’t be any drastic differences between the 2015 Prius and the one that your librarian drives.